RTS- Ciara (M) 22" lounge wig/ Bandfall

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Ciara Lounge wig/ Bandfall/ headband wig- needed in every wig wardrobe!

Why it's so great:  

  • Perfect for lounging around, casual wear, running errands. When you want to feel comfy and cute with no hairline wig worries in mind! (Must wear with headband)
  • Forget worrying about your hairline you just pop this one on and go! 
  • Get that hair out of your way with the headband style
  • Perfect easy, no-fuss, style for first time wig wearers, great to ease into wigs. 
  • Durable Built to last years with proper care, get more bang for your buck! 
  • Use this durable piece to wear for casual days so you save your precious delicate lace wigs for special occasions to make them last longer!
  • Great to have this sturdy piece as a back up for sending your other delicate lace wigs for repair/ maintenance!
  • Wear it all down, or in a low pony, low bun. *note, this lounge wig differs from active wigs in the way that- the lounge wig should only be worn all down or in low to mid height pony's, as where the active wig can be worn high up due to the circular wefting and meant to be worn only up.* 
  •  Dress it up with hair  all down  curled and stylish headband, or dress it down with a low pony/ bun and a sporty headband! 
  • More cost effective than lace wigs


~ Color description:

Dark to Medium brown root- level 4, with level 7 blonde highlights with honey/caramel tones. Over all tone is warm. Great for fall. (Color Level system is levels 1-10= 1 being darkest natural black, 10 being lightest blonde.)

~ Size Medium

~ 22" length with slight layers and face framing

~ 130% Hair Density- (Fine to average amount of hair)

~ Parting direction= N/A, hair is all sewn back on lounge wigs/bandfalls since worn with headband  

~ Quality Brazilian texture Human hair

~ Cap Construction- Band fall construction, no lace, no silk top, just all wefted hair meant to be worn with headband to cover the hairline area. 

~ Headband included as a free gift!

~ 2 Clips by sides,  adjustable strap- to adjust fit accordingly. Comb at hairline to help wig stay secured. Clips and comb can be removed if desired, simply add note to order at checkout.


~ Air Dries nearly straight 


* See Return/ Shipping Policy


* Note- Hair/ color may display differently due to viewing on screens, different lightings, partings worn etc.  Length will also appear differently varying by each persons height, neck, torso length. 



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