How do I secure the Wig? Do I need to Glue it?

~No gluing needed, it is designed to be a glueless beginner friendly wig. You simply put it right on like a hat. It has a structured cap to hold and form onto your head for a snug fit. You can secure it with the 2 built-in clips on the sides if you have bio hair, and adjust the sizing straps inside, to your needs. If you don't have bio hair you can wear it without using the clips (or cut them out), and adjust the straps for a snug taut-to-head fit. A Wig grip, Wig Cap, or Grip Cap, may also be worn for extra security/ comfort if desired. Although not required some may still opt to put a little hair spray/gel on their skin & front of Lace to act as a slight adhesive for extra security.


How often should I wash my Wig?

~While it varies per each persons individual use, wear, styling & product habits, & scalp oil production, a good recommendation is once every 4 weeks if worn regularly or once every 6-8 weeks if worn only on the weekends, to keep your piece in good shape. You may go longer or sooner depending on the reasons mentioned above. You can go quite some time without having to Wash/ Restyle your piece, Yay! Be sure to wash with Professional Sulfate-free Salon products and carefully wash the wig avoiding to scruff up the hair. Some may find it easier to wash on a bald or buzzed mannequin head from Amazon. However you may simply wash between your hands, whichever works best for you. Then, gently towel dry by patting and squeezing excess water out (instead of scruffling with towel). Next apply professional leave-in products, detangle with wet brush then store and let air dry on mannequin head or wig block. The mannequin head and stand also work great for those who struggle to style hair on their own head. She'll be your sweet client once a month! :) but you can also style straight from your head while wearing it. Whatever you prefer.

Why is there Lace hanging from the Wigs on some photos?

~This is the Lace that the top & front of the Wig is constructed with. It's designed to be cut near the hairline. Then when you put it on after cutting it will melt into your skin for an invisible, realistic look.

(Lace has been Pre-cut on some wigs for ready-to-wear use and photo display purposes for those new to Wigs). Uncut Lace may be cut upon request, or you can contact me for instructions on how to trim the lace.


Can the Parting be moved on these Wigs?

~Yes it can! If you see it displayed on the photo as a middle or side part, no need to worry, you can part it yourself anywhere within the lace at home! Just spray the Wig down with water and comb/ restyle as desired.


What type of Hair is it?

~Pure Raw Virgin cuticle aligned 100% Human Hair. It's higher quality than just Remy Human Hair, because it comes in it's most natural Virgin state without any chemicals, steaming, processing, harsh dyes. Because the cuticle is aligned in the same direction it means it will have minimal tangling as opposed to poorer quality hair that matts excessively. Being that it comes in this pure virgin state, it can be bleached/ professionaly colored and still be left in beautiful healthy shape. This is what is done to our "Bold Balayage" collection. If interested in coloring or chemically altering your Wig please ask for my professional opinion first, as some pieces already come colored from Gamini & now have a haircolor history to consider while others do not.