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Why Us?

See the difference in quality with Gamini:

our: invisible lace

Gamini lace melts perfectly into the skin, so that no one needs to know, it can be our little secret! Note*- it must lay ON the skin not the hair, for it to be invisible.

Others: Lace

Others Regular Transparent Lace isn't quite fooling anyone! It's more noticable on the skin and can be more itchy/irritating as it's made from a thicker/scratchier material.

our: wig close up

Come closer! Take a zoomed in look at our raw unedited image, we have nothing to hide! Except maybe slight drools as we look at this stunning close up! Can we say, "Hooked!" ?

our: very tiny knots

Take a close-up peep at our Wigs! Notice the tiny size in knots whether on a Blonde or Dark Unit you're sure to have an ultra realistic scalp!

others: large knots

Now take a peep at the "others" large knots. This is what we steer clear from at Gamini so we can provide the best quality and craftsmanship for our lovely clients.

our: tiny/invisible knots even on dark wig

Our knots remain tiny and nearly invisible even on Dark units! There may be slight lighter knots here or there, but the overall look remains invisible, see for yourself!

our: invisible knots

Our knots are not only tiny in size, but also nearly Invisible in color! While keeping in mind the Integrity of the hair and knots, we get them as light as possible (according to our professional judgment) for an ultra realistic look! No Wig worries here!

others: dark knots

Others may have very Dark knots like this. With Gamini, you are not required to place makeup on the knots to conceal, as we give you bleached knots already (unless asked or noted otherwise). For us it's simply an extra step you may take if wanting more invisible knots look and defined parting. See Ig "wig tutorials".

our: natural hairline

Perfectly and naturally plucked so you can always count on us to give you an ultra realistic hairline that will leave others and yourself saying "What Wig?!" Cheers to that!

our: hair after washing

With Gamini, you can trust that after your first wash you will still have those smooth lucious locks easy to detangle that won't matt like crazy as seen in the next photo!

others: Matted after first wash

Have you ever ordered a "Luxury wig" that you were excited about until you took it through the first wash and ended up with a tangly matted mess like this? Because we have, devasting right?? We spent nearly a year testing/sourcing different hair & materials so that we would never put you through something like this. Rest assured you can trust in Gamini!

our: lucious locks

Take a close look at our gorgeous, shiny, Raw-Virgin Cuticle aligned Human Hair! It's sure to leave you feeling the #GaminiGlow

our: natural hair fall/ ultra realistic hairline

Perfectly Ventilated in a certain direction so that it falls cleanly away from the face, and looks like it's growing out of your head! Who would know?

others: bad hair fall/ wiggy hairline

Others can have a poorly constructed hairline, that due to it's ventilation direction it stubbornly falls foward instead of away from your face. In return, leaving a very unnatural, uncomfortable, look. Let's avoid this shall we?

our: exquisite colors

Never blotchy, always blendy! As a Licensed Professional for years, & Perfectionist, you can expect trendy beautiful color blends from us every time! That also means you have a knowledgable Pro behind it that won’t damage the integrity of the hair, and knows how to properly work with the knots,lace,hairline, and parting so you can trust that your precious piece comes from good hands!


No gluing needed. It is designed to be a glueless, beginner friendly, wig. The structured cap is designed to hug your head with a snug glueless fit. You can secure it with our magical Wig grip headband worn underneath wig, that keeps your wig firmly in place! Included as a free gift! You may also use the 2 hair clips built inside, along with the adjustable straps, to fit accordingly to your needs. A Wig Cap, or Grip Cap are other options that may be worn underneath. Although not required, some may opt to use hair spray/gel on their skin & front of Lace to act as a slight adhesive or lace glue for extra security/ longer periods of wear.

*See "How to put Wig on" tutorial under the "Wig Tutorials" Story Highlight on Gamini Wigs Instagram to see just how easy it is.*

While it varies per each persons individual use, wear, styling & product habits, & scalp oil production, a good recommendation is every 4 weeks if worn regularly or every 8 weeks if worn only on weekends, to keep your piece in good shape. You may go longer or sooner depending on the factors mentioned above. Be sure to wash with Professional Sulfate-free Salon products and carefully wash the wig avoiding to scruff up/tangle the hair. Shampoo/condition between your hands. Gently towel dry by patting and squeezing excess water out. Next apply professional leave-in products, detangle with wet brush then store and let air dry on wig stand or smaller mannequin head/wig block. A mannequin head and tripod or table clamp also work great for those who struggle to style hair on their own head. Although you may also style straight from your head while wearing it, whichever you prefer. For more care tips please see: "Caring for your Gamini Wig" under FAQ'S & Policies tab.

This is the Lace that the top & front of the Wig is constructed with. It's designed to be cut near the hairline, which will be cut by the customer upon deciding to keep the purchase. Think of it like a sales tag for example.

Then when you put it on after it's been cut, it will melt onto your skin for an invisible, realistic look. *It needs to sit on the skin, not hair, for it to melt and be invisible.

(Lace has been Pre-cut on some wigs for ready-to-wear style). Lace may be cut for client upon request.

Yes it can! If you see it displayed on the photo as a middle or side part different from the way you would part, no need to worry, you can part it yourself anywhere within the lacetop area you desire! Just spray the Wig down with water and comb/ restyle as desired.

~Pure Virgin cuticle aligned 100% Human Hair. Because the cuticle is in tact and aligned in the same direction it means it will have minimal tangling as opposed to poorer quality non-remy hair that tangles and matts excessively. Being that it comes in this pure virgin state, it can then be bleached/ professionaly colored and still be left in beautiful healthy condition. This is what has been done to our Colored and Balayaged pieces. If interested in coloring or chemically altering your Wig, please ask for my professional opinion first, as some pieces already come processed/ colored and now have a hair color history to consider while others do not.

Now what are you waiting for? Come and experience the #GaminiGlow ✨