Wig Care for Human Hair Wigs

Caring for your Gamini Wig:

  • How often to Wash- While it varies per each persons individual use, wear, styling & product habits, & scalp oil production, a good recommendation is every 4 weeks if worn regularly or every 6-8 weeks if worn only on the weekends, to keep your piece in good shape. You may go longer or sooner depending on the factors mentioned above.
Be sure to wash with Professional Sulfate-free Salon products, Lukewarm/warm water to shampoo, cool water to rinse mask & conditioner to seal the cuticle. Carefully wash the wig avoiding to scruff up/tangle the hair. Keep conditioner off the knots (to not loosen knots/cause shedding). 
Shampoo/condition using your left hand's thumb holding the wig at the part line, and your right hand to massage shampoo/conditioner through the hair. (If right handed, otherwise vice versa).
Gently towel dry by patting and squeezing excess water out (instead of scruffling with towel). You can place wig on the counter top inside a towel and gently pat it dry. Or transfer to a bald mannequin head or wig block head and pat/squeeze towel dry the rest there.
Next apply professional leave-in products, detangle with wet brush then store and let air dry on wig stand or mannequin head/wig block.
A mannequin head and tripod or table clamp also work great for those who struggle to style hair off their own head. Although you may also style the wig off your head while wearing it, whichever you prefer.
  • Avoid over washing- this will preserve the longevity of color, hair, and over all longevity of the piece. Wash around every 4 wks with professional products.
  • Keep Heat Styling at a maximum of around 310 degrees and always use a Professional Heat Protectant. 
  • Hair MUST be completely dry before heat styling (just like you would bio hair, to avoid sizzling/damage. 
  • Opt to let the Hair Air-dry instead of Blow-Dry with Hair dryer, to reduce unnecessary heat styling damage to it.
  • Avoid using excessive heat styling to preserve the Health of the Hair. 
  • Use a good Deep-conditioning mask when you wash it (after shampooing). Apply mask then brush & detangle it to evenly distribute the mask between the hair, Let sit at least 5 mins. Then wash out and condition as normal. This will re-hydrate and nourish your hair piece. I like to do this every time I wash the wig. 
  • After washing- set the hair with a good Moisturizing spray/cream and lock that moisture in will a good hair oil. I recommend Kenra platinum gold luxe one leave in conditioner & the platinum gold luxe shine oil.
  • For Shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioning mask, I like the Brazilian b3 Bond builder color care set. Or also the Joico Defy damage set. As well as Awapuhi Wild ginger Moisturizing set. They all work great. 
    • Always Purchase Professional products, source from places like Salons, Ulta, beauty supply store. Avoid Amazon or Walmart for example as these may not guarantee the product be genuine, and not diluted, tampered with or altered. 
  • We recommend you DO NOT sleep in your Wig. To preserve the piece, and not rough it up or cause extra shedding from the knots.
  • Never put any T-pins on the lace, to pin to wig block/ mannequin head ONLY use the T-pins on the ear tabs/ cap portion. Never the lace of the wig, to avoid tearing the lace. You may also use a wig chin strap instead, available for purchase on Amazon. I love these, they're great.
  • Always brush the hair from bottom-to-top. 
  • Always give a quick Brush when done wearing your Hair piece for the day, then store on mannequin head. Be sure to Brush especially around the nape (where it tangles most due to friction of head turning around shoulders etc.)
  • Cut the lace straight, to keep tension and prevent rolling of the lace.
  • Over time of wear and tear, lace can begin to roll/flip, not lay as flat. You can use a wig band on the wet lace to flatten it back down. Reach out for instructions/tutorial from us we're always happy to help!
  • When lace starts to fray, you can trim a teeny slight bit of that to freshen the lace back up. Just don't cut too far back. You can always reach to us and we'll guide you.
  • To preserve the life span of your Gamini piece, send it to us for maintenance at least 1 per year. Revive the hair, fill hair back in, refresh color and more. Ask about our maintenance and repair services.
  • You can also rotate wears between several wigs to preserve the longevity of of each for much longer.